29 September 2006


If you've found this little corner of the internet, it must have been by accident, but thanks for dropping by anyway. When I told a friend I wanted to start a blog, she asked me why, so I thought I should have an answer to the question. First, because I can: technology has made it possible for anyone to accomplish what was once the province of a select few lucky enough to have a newspaper or magazine column. Of course the audience is far smaller, but so what? A soapbox is a soapbox. Second, for my own amusement. Third, to put my money where my mouth is and demonstrate (to myself, at least) that I really do have something to say. I've been thinking and talking about doing this for a while, so it's time to stop talking and start doing. And finally, to attempt to make my existence about more than just an innocuous but not especially fulfuilling job.

But really, is any justification required? Does anyone care what the reason is? I'm doing it because I believe I have a point of view on certain subjects that others might share. Because, unlike most adults, I don't have a choice about how I get to and from work--I must rely on the public transit system, as flawed and inadequate as it is. Because I make no apologies about the fact that I like TV, though I am choosy about what I watch. Because I don't think it's bad to want nice things in your life (watches, gadgets, furniture), and I think it might be interesting to look at the process behind certain purchase decisions. Because, as much as I enjoy GQ, I believe the men's fashion industry (like the women's) is a joke; there are plenty of men over 35 who have taste, interest, and money to spend but don't want to look like either kids or copier salesmen from Cleveland, and I believe they are not being well served.

Get the idea?

I know myself well enough to say it's unrealistic of me to think I'll post every day, but I expect to make two or three entries a week, depending on what's going on, what I'm obsesssing over or thinking about buying that week. I'll do my best to be sincere, relevant, and (hopefully) entertaining. See you soon...

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