26 May 2010

Oops, I Crapped on Your Ad

So over the weekend in TWiA I mentioned the faux-denim diapers, but now I've seen the commercial and I just... well, I just don't know.

First of all, seeing it made me I wish I'd never brought it up, and second, there are so many things about it that are just so awful and disturbing, I don't even know where to begin: the glam ladies lunching, the toddler walking in slow motion, the creepy voiceover, the pervy-looking dude on the moped, the chauffeured car, the cheesy techno soundtrack. All that's missing is for the tot to be wearing sunglasses. How the hell did they forget that?

But the worst part has to be the words: "My diaper is full... full of chic. When it's a number two... I look like number one. I poo... in blue." And finally, the tag at the end: "The coolest you'll look pooping your pants." AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH NO NO NO NO please make it stop... need to go to my happy place... phew.

This makes me think of how we've always heard that European commercials are supposed to be so much more clever and risque than the commercials we get here. Not true, at least not always. It also reminds me of Dave Chappelle's assertion (if you watched the commercial, this clip will serve as your mental palate cleanser) that most things are better in slow motion; this clearly falls in the exception category that Chappelle mentions at the end of the clip.

Damn, I miss that show...

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