27 January 2015

Car Stuff: Look Ma, the '50s!

I think it was simply luck that this 1956 Ford was parked outside this garage when I passed it back in June. A day or so later it was still there and I got this second, better shot, but I haven't seen it since.
The color scheme is pure '50s. In my brief first look I thought it was black and red, but I think at the time black and pink was more common, and red was more often seen with white. But a look at a brochure from that year shows that pink was not available, and it seemed likely this car had been repainted anyway, since it's in such nice condition overall.

The fender skirts and the abundance of trim identify this as a Fairlane, the top of the line in '56. Two-door sedans were called "club sedans" in Ford-speak, while four-doors were "town sedans."

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