29 September 2015


It almost got by me... but it didn't. I started this thing nine years ago today. I had no idea how long it would last, but eventually I found my groove.

The past several months have been hectic, and challenging in unexpected ways: I've gone back to work and had to get used to commuting again, there was an adjustment to not having unlimited free time, and the dog has needed a lot of additional care and attention in her advanced age. I've thought about maybe hitting the pause button for a while, but I feel like sticking to it with less frequency is more like what I want to be doing, and should be doing. And I like having this bit of webspace to express myself.

So, cheers to everyone who visits. Now I'm off to try to get some sleep...


Scott said...

Happy Anniversary! I've enjoyed your point of view and your actual view, as I used to work in your part of the world, MEDFORD/MALDEN, for 15 years. I know the neighborhood well.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary SAR! I look forward to each posting; makes my day now that your site is pervert-free!