03 October 2016

Overheard: Open Window Edition

I was in the kitchen last Saturday morning, making coffee and cleaning up things. The window was open, and from the upstairs neighbors' kitchen directly above (also with windows open) I heard one of the guys who moved in at the beginning of September: "What an great morning! I'm not hung over, and I feel amazing!"


A Proper Bostonian said...

OMG! We should try that!

Anonymous said...

Wow. So much angst in the world and a precipitous future for our country. This one just says it all.

And I want to complain about your policy of no one being a jerk just for jerkness' sake. What's up with that. Everybody loves a good circle of jerks. Why I tried a Circle Jerks in college and those guys could play! Isn't politics just a circle jerk anyways?