23 January 2017

Please Watch This

Aziz Ansari is a very talented actor (Parks and Recreation) and stand-up comedian, who created and stars in the excellent Netflix series Master of None, for which he won an Emmy last year (outstanding writing for a comedy series). He also wrote an intriguing and thoughtful book on dating and relationships called Modern Romance.

Aziz hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and delivered a timely, topical, funny, challenging monologue. We are going to need as much of this (sharply observed humor) as we can get to help us get through the next four years.


Anonymous said...

So true. The rest of the show was a dud, except the touching "to sir, with love" at the very end. But heck, it brought you out of your blogging exile! Welcome back, Kotter! P.s., sorry I mentioned your secret identity.

Some Assembly Required said...

I disagree with your "dud" assessment; I thought the La La Land and "dirty talk" sketches were pretty good.