03 August 2014

This Week in Awesome (8/2/14)

Ooh, two hours to spare...

This will be of interest primarily to those who were fans of the early '90s TV series Twin Peaks, but may be of interest to fans of the Muppets as well. I'll let you figure it out. (Digital Spy via TV Tattle)

Everything (probably) you ever wanted to know about the fake currency used in movies and TV shows. (Priceonomics via the A.V. Club)

If you like whiskey, you probably know that there's been a huge increase in small-batch and boutique-brand offerings over the past few years (particularly rye), but not all of it is what it seems to be. (The Daily Beast via Dappered)

And finally this week: the '80s. Some of us lived through it and had a great time; others would prefer to forget everything that happened. Los Angeles magazine has amassed a compendium of material related to the decade—music, fashion, movies, TV, art, food... It's the kind of thing you may want to bookmark and refer back to later.

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