01 November 2014

Retro Video Unit (10/31/14)

(Damn it, I really meant to post this yesterday... when it was still Halloween.)

We had the smallest amount of trick-or-treaters in the nine Halloweens we've lived here; I think the doorbell rang three times. Anyway, this isn't specifically a Halloween song, but one that fits in well with its mood and tone and general aura of pervasive weirdness: "Nemesis" by Shriekback.

I miss these guys. I know they've released a couple of albums in recent years, but I haven't heard them and I kind of don't want to, because they just won't be the same. I saw them live twice, once at the old Avalon on Lansdowne Street (back when it was still called the Metro), and once at the Channel near South Station. You wouldn't necessarily think so from listening to their recordings, but they were an amazing live band, and Barry Andrews was everything you could want in a lead singer.

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