21 April 2012

This Week in Awesome (4/21/12)

Sorry, Blogger: the new interface is horrible. Elsewhere...

This website for a cool book about maps is full of... surprise! cool maps. (The Hairpin)

Sort of related: works of art made from maps. (Mental Floss via The Daily What)

Packaging of everyday items used to be so much cooler. Dieline via Esquire Style Blog)

Charting the history of James Bond's vehicles. (Autoblog)

The lineup for next year's Coachella festival has already been announced. (Popdust via This Fits)

And finally this week, we know everything is better in slow motion (I've linked to this before, but it deserves a repeat), so who doesn't love watching stuff get destroyed in slow motion? (Devour via Gawker)

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