07 April 2012

This Week in Awesome (4/7/12)

I'm going to borrow this from Sandra: Happy Eastover, everyone. Now, we have some other business...

I found this transportation-related blog some time ago, but this week was directed back there for this cool graphic showing the evolution of the MBTA system, represented in the current graphic style of the T's maps. (Vanshnookenraggen via Universal Hub)

I followed a link to the website for The Atlantic and found a whole bunch of interesting stuff. First, a couple of graphs: this one illustrates the change in the number of people reading books over the past 60 years or so, and this one charts the proliferation of technology into people's lives over the past century.

I also found this rather intriguing piece about engagement rings. (The Atlantic via The Hairpin)

This video dissection and remixing of the courtyard views in Rear Window is really neat. (Jeff Desom via The Atlantic)

And finally this week, for something in a totally different vein, I dare you not to laugh at this: Text From Dog. (BuzzFeed)

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