10 July 2012

It Comes in Colors

A couple of weeks back, when I was writing about the items I'd picked up at Target, I came across this.
I meant to do another post about it the next day, but my middle-aged brain let me down (again) and I forgot about it. Today my memory was jogged when it showed up on Dappered as "offered without comment." What fun is that?
Seven color choices (what, no acid green?), 100% cotton, matching pants, $80 for the whole rig. How can you resist? Seriously, how?
The blue might be passable in certain situations, and people who like to wear bold color in general could probably get away with wearing either the jacket or the pants, if the rest of the outfit was suitably toned down, but the two pieces together are just too clownish, too reminiscent of The Time back in the '80s.
But hey, maybe you want to go retro and do a Morris Day thing for Halloween this year...
(All images borrowed from Target's website.)


Anonymous said...

I actually tried on the yellow one as a goof. My wife immediately pleaded that I take it off. The sad thing is it was really comfy and fit well. And I still keep an eye on it to see if it will go down to $10 for a Halloween costume, Miami Vice-style.

Some Assembly Required said...

Don't forget to roll up the sleeves!