22 July 2012

This Week in Awesome (7/21/12)

I'm not sure yet when we'll be seeing The Dark Knight Rises (probably next weekend), but based on a couple of the reviews I've read, we are going to prepare by rewatching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (on blu-ray, baby). It has been a while since we've seen either movie, and apparently the new movie references the previous ones enough that a refresher is helpful.


A remote-controlled drone flight over Detroit with a camera attached gives a unique perspective on the city, both the good and the bad. (Deadline Detroit via Jalopnik)

If you're old enough, this flickr gallery of old library posters might stir some memories. (The New Yorker Culture Desk)

Here's a really neat fake map made up of familiar elements from the movies. (BuzzFeed via We Are Dorothy; for a look at some of their other work, go here.)

This is the kind of thing that can cause the internet to break itself, if it isn't careful: Suggested BuzzFeed Articles (McSweeney's via Videogum) which of course led to...

And finally this week, this needs no explanation or introduction: The Lego Wire. Previously, from the same people, CSI: Legoland. (Yahoo Sketchy via Videogum)

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