20 October 2014

Car Stuff: Random Sighting #31

Random Sighting was supposed to appear last week, but I guess I got confused...
This is a 1987-90 Chevrolet Caprice, a car that I first spotted in my neighborhood almost a year ago. In fact, the first photo goes all the way back to April, but I had first seen the car in January and taken a few shots of it, then I had a problem with my phone and lost some pictures that I hadn't bothered to back up, so when I saw it again in April I took another pic. Then in June I saw the car on the street again and took a couple more shots.
I'm not sure why I sometimes see it on the street, then I'll pass the same spot and not see it again for months at a time. Maybe it's usually garaged, or maybe it's just visiting. It's certainly well kept and cared for. I've featured a Caprice before and other GM full-size cars from this period, but this may be the nicest one of them, or at least the top three.
This design first appeared for 1977, saw its only significant revisions for 1980, and continued through 1990 before its replacement, sometimes referred to as the "bathtub Caprice," was introduced for '91. The script badge on the trunk is causing me a bit of trouble in pinpointing the year of this one: as far as I'd always known, all of these cars had block-letter badges, so it's possible the owner switched it out for one of these, which I think came off an older (1960s or '70s) model.

I always liked these cars. It may not be exciting looking, but the lines and proportions just look right to me and, as this car demonstrates, they were pretty durable if properly cared for.

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