14 October 2014

Unseasonably Warm

75 degrees in October: the kind of thing some people long for, and others dread. Well, maybe "dread" is too strong a word. But it is October, and it isn't supposed to be this warm and humid.

I was ready to start putting away my summer clothing and shoes/sneakers in the basement, until I saw the forecast for this week. No point in doing it yet. The air conditioners are still in too, though we haven't needed them in a month. I just figured I'd wait until I was sure the warm weather was gone for good before taking them out and storing them.

Today wasn't that bad, but it was rather sticky. I had to head downtown to take care of a couple of errands. The bus driver was one I see semi-frequently, and when I got on the bus she said, "Got the shorts back on, huh?"

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