19 October 2014

This Week in Awesome (10/18/14)

I didn't forget, honest...

Robert Plant performed on The Colbert Report last week, and while I was never much of a Led Zeppelin fan while they were active, I came to appreciate their music later, and what he's doing now is pretty cool. I'd love to hear Florence Welch singing this particular song, or how about a duet?

We haven't had a time-lapse in a while, so I'm pleased it's of Boston. (Vimeo via Universal Hub)

Warren Elsmore is a clever guy who LEGOized a supercut of a bunch of movies. (The A.V. Club)

The World Series is again upon us, and the New York Times used facebook likes to create a map of how team loyalties are divided geographically.

And finally this week, some of these are kind of funny, but some of them are pretty disturbing. (@Midnight)

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