23 March 2012

Mad Men Week: Elisabeth Moss's Wild Side

Last week my attention was directed to an interview with Elisabeth Moss, who plays ambitious copywriter Peggy Olson on Mad Men. She talks about allowing herself to loosen up and have some fun in her off-screen life, and the accompanying photos definitely present her in a way we aren't used to seeing:
Christina Hendricks understandably gets plenty of attention for her looks, and January Jones has paparazzi following her around as well. But Moss has her own kind of sexiness that I think is underappreciated, most likely because of Peggy's dowdy good-girl image early on in the show.

Peggy has evolved quite a bit since the beginning of the series, having gone from a rather mousy secretary to a single, fun-seeking career woman enjoying city life. She undoubtedly earns more as a copywriter than she did as Don's secretary, so she can afford somewhat nicer clothes, and I'm sure she's gotten a few style tips from Joan along the way. Here's a promo photo for the upcoming season from the official show website:
This is certainly a more sophisticated look for Peggy, as is this one:
Both of these are great. They remind me of photos of my family that I've seen in old albums (Mom, do you remember anything like this?), and also of pictures of 1960s performers like Diana Ross and the Supremes.

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