11 March 2012

This Week in Awesome (3/10/12)

"Springing ahead" always messes me up for a few days...

A graphic artist created visual representations of certain mental illnesses. (Web Urbanist via Blogfood)

The Awl collected a bunch of online dating horror stories. It's always better to read about someone else's misfortune than to experience it yourself.

The Colts released Peyton Manning this week. Where will he end up playing? A New York Times sports writer examined the possibilities with all 32 NFL teams.

Mashups are getting really complex. This seemingly shouldn't work at all, but it does. (Vimeo via Cubicle Party; originals here and here for reference purposes)

And finally this week, this video has been making the rounds because, unlike most sales pitches, it's honest and expresses its point really well. (Dollar Shave Club)

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