09 March 2012

Retro Video Unit (3/9/12)

Today's clip comes to us via New Zealand, courtesy of the band Split Enz. Their first US album, True Colours, came out in 1980. I first saw this video on a late-night, presumably syndicated TV show that presaged MTV called Rock World. In Rhode Island where I grew up, it used to air at 1 am Sunday mornings, after Saturday Night Live (by which time I probably should have been asleep) but on a different channel—I want to say it was the Boston station WSBK, channel 38, but I can't find any information about the show on the web, which is kind of surprising. It's where I first heard a lot of music that had no chance of getting played on regular radio, and where I first saw several of the clips that I've been featuring.

The Finn brothers, Tim (lead vocals) and Neil (guitar), later went on to significant success in Crowded House.

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