31 March 2012

This Week in Awesome (3/31/12)

The bucket of awesome is slightly less full this week. Quality, not quantity...

Are you old enough to remember The Gong Show? My father and I thought it was hilarious, and we used to watch it every afternoon for the couple of years it was on. Here's a short history of it. (Splitsider)

San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy stopped by Conan the other night to jam with the band (on flute, of course) and make an important announcement.

The opening credits for Breaking Bad reimagined in the style of Mad Men. (Blame It On The Voices via Videogum)

And finally this week, did you like that song that Megan performed at Don's birthday party? Are you not yet tired of having it stuck in your head? Then you can get the mp3 on iTunes, but if you really want to be cool you should buy it on a 45 rpm record. It's a limited edition, available on either black or red vinyl.

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