20 February 2012


I hadn't intended to take today off from posting. I know it was technically a holiday, but I wasn't planning on using that as an excuse. However, the Mrs. has been diligently working on various assignments for the bulk of the weekend, which means she needs to be on the computer for long stretches of time.

I don't really care for creating posts on my iPhone, because typing on the onscreen keyboard for more than a few lines is tiring. She did purchase a small laptop back in December, but its hard drive failed after about a month, and it had to be sent to New Jersey to be repaired. It does have a decent keyboard, but I haven't used it for more than a few minutes.

As it happened, the repaired computer arrived today (why is UPS delivering on a holiday?) but we had to go out for a while, and sometimes the rest of the day just gets away from me. Even now, as I'm writing this, I should be sleeping.

This week is much less cluttered than last week, with the exception of tomorrow, so hopefully I can get back to whatever is passing for normal these days.

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