25 February 2012

This Week in Awesome (2/25/12)

I skipped TWiA last weekend because I didn't have anything good to share. But things are better now:

Check out this collection of large-scale photos using groups of people. (Colossal via The Hairpin)

Have you ever seen the Patrick Swayze movie Road House? It's hilariously awful. Here's a sample. (The Daily What via Videogum)

Build your kids bunk beds like this and score some major cool-parent points. (Instructables via Autoblog)

Here's another craft project that has nothing to do with kids. (The Awl via BoingBoing)

And finally this week, an enterprising college student started a service offering other students rides home after their one-night stands. That's amusing enough, but then she went and made an ad for it. We have definitely not heard the last from her, of this I am sure. (Jalopnik)

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reinaldo - juegos de mario said...

really awesome! It was fantastic