12 February 2012

This Week in Awesome (2/11/12)

Snow? What snow? It's supposed to approach 50 again on Wednesday. The Winter That Wasn't...

Well-known dance moves from movies and TV in poster form. (I Watch Stuff via Videogum)

A dog-sized exercise wheel. (The Daily What)

I read about this video Chipotle had made to promote their sustainable farming efforts. The message is delivered in a distinctive style, and the Willie Nelson version of Coldplay's "The Scientist" is pretty cool too. (New York Times)

Video footage of a 1979 Clash concert in New York synced up to independently recorded audio of the same show. Unfortunately this isn't a whole song but rather only excerpts of a few songs, but it's still amazing to experience the band in its prime. (Dangerous Minds via Kempt)

And finally this week, Canada's Virgin Radio is sponsoring a Fake Film Festival in which entrants recreate a favorite movie in 60 seconds. One notable entry is this unconventional take on the dark drug-addiction story Requiem For A Dream. (The Daily What via Filmdrunk)

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