19 May 2012

Retro Video Unit (5/18/12)

Another tribute would seem in order, due to the untimely passing of Donna Summer earlier this week. Now I realize that her music doesn't fit with the clips I tend to post here, but you have to remember that I grew up in the 1970s. At this point in my life there's no harm in admitting that I had a disco phase during high school, but even if I hadn't I would still love her and her music.

Her music wasn't included in Saturday Night Fever, but Donna Summer defined the disco era as much as the Bee Gees, KC And The Sunshine Band, and the Village People did. And she was a gifted enough artist to transcend her early work. She was a great performer, and her music meant a lot to me. Here's a performance of "On The Radio" that I found on YouTube.

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Can I Have a Word? said...

thanks for coming out with the rest of us! Weird how her music seemed to disappear off even the oldies stations...