09 May 2012

Travel Prep

Travel is both exciting and tedious, simultaneously. It's great to be able to cross the continent in six hours or so, but while airborne it feels agonizingly slow. For this flight to San Jose we ended up paying a little more for "extra legroom" seats. It wasn't strictly necessary, as JetBlue's planes are already pretty gemerous with legroom, but there were only a few middle seats still available, scattered around the cabin. The extra-room seats were at the fromt of the plane, and came with some sort of expedited security (which didn't seem any faster to me) then there's the weather. Santa Cruz is fairly warm right now, so I had to dig into my warm-weather clothing storage for climare-appopriate stuff. I didn't even bother with a jacket, but I did pack a heavier canvas shirt that I can wear ad a layer if needed.

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