06 May 2012

This Week in Awesome (5/5/12)

Some of these are from last week, so they may not be completely fresh by this point...

A visual representation of the planet's transportation routes. (Gizmodo)

Legendary British DJ John Peel's legendary music library is being made available for online streaming. (UrbanDaddy)

Another transit blog (I can't get enough of this stuff). (Transit Maps)

Art class: check out how these intricate paper sculptures are made. (The Daily What via BuzzFeed)

And finally this week, you may recall that when Paul Rudd was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon a couple of months ago, they made up a batch of posters for fake movies the two allegedly made. Well, they've done the same thing for Jimmy and Amy Poehler. (Pop Culture Brain via Videogum)

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