17 February 2014

Long Weekend in Awesome (2/15/14)

Ah well, good intentions and all that. Yesterday was fairly well consumed by snow-shoveling (and later, burrito-getting), but things were very low-key on Saturday and I have no idea why I didn't post this then...

Olympics-adjacent: Conan's Andy Richter finds out what curling is all about. (Tastefully Offensive)

I've become kind of anti-Gawker in the same way I'm kind of anti-Amazon, so at first I was reluctant to post this, but the coolness factor won out: New York's subway is implementing giant touch-screen map guides. Can't wait to get back to NYC to try 'em out. (I'd also love to see the MBTA get something like this.) (Boy Genius Report)

I have always disliked this word, and here's why: because people use it incorrectly. (The Chronicle of Higher Education via The Awl)

And finally this week, the passing of comedic genius Sid Caesar brought plenty of tributes, including one from Billy Crystal. Caesar was a giant in his importance to the medium of TV and to the realm of comedy; this compilation of classic sketches shows why. (The Daily Beast via TV Tattle)

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