20 February 2014

Winter Non-Vacation

I try not to do a lot of complaining about winter. Generally I don't mind it so much, though I started to feel less that way after we got a dog that has to be walked several times a day regardless of what sort of nastiness may be happening outside.

But this year's winter, and this month in particular, has been relentless, with storms hitting us over and over, sometimes just a day or two apart. So it was heartening today to see bright sunshine and blue skies (for part of the day, at least) and feel the temperature rising well above 40 for the first time in several weeks.

This is a nice point in the winter to get away to somewhere warm, if possible. When my parents used to spend the winter in Fort Lauderdale, this is the time when I would go and visit them. In fact, the Mrs. left today to go visit her sister in California, leaving me here to take care of the dog (or vice versa, maybe?).

Of course I would have liked to go along, but in practical terms it didn't make sense this time. And the weather is supposed to remain decent here for a few more days, so I'll be fine. I have food and coffee and beer and whatever else I might need, movies on the TiVo that the Mrs. isn't interested in watching, laundry and house-cleaning, and plenty else to keep me occupied.

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