09 February 2014

This Week in Awesome (2/8/14)

Today was a full day of errands. Stay tuned for a report on a Bissell carpet cleaner that is rated highly for removal of pet-related stains...

When I was growing up I had dozens of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. This musician has thousands of them. (Collectors Weekly)

Have you ever noticed that most of the movies that come out during the winter are bad? There are exceptions, of course (we saw The LEGO Movie last night, and it was a blast), but statistically it's true. (Slate via The A.V. Club)

Thanks to the hilarious and delightful Comedy Central show @Midnight, I'm now aware of my new favorite hipster-mocking blog: Sad Etsy Boyfriends.

And finally this week, Soul Train is a cultural reference point for a lot of people (growing up in the 1970s, I watched it occasionally), but I think a lot of younger people aren't as familiar with it. Rolling Stone rounded up a dozen of the show's most memorable performances.

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