18 April 2014

Overheard: Class Notes Edition

On Wednesday afternoon I was listening to a conversation between two men who happened to be waiting for the bus with me, who clearly knew each other but seemingly not that well. Both were about a decade older than me, and I think they might have just gotten off work at the Stop & Shop because we were across the street from it (which would also explain their acquaintance).

At one point one of the men said to the other, "You went to [area Catholic high school]? I went to [area Catholic high school]! How come I don't remember you?" (The eventual answer was that he was a few years older than the other guy, and we all know how little attention seniors pay to underclassmen.)

The bus came, we all got on, and their conversation continued, turning to mutually remembered classmates. Of one person, one asked the other if he was in touch regularly and the other responded, "Ah, him I mostly see at, you know, wakes and funerals."

Then the second asked, "Do you remember ______? Blonde hair, tough as nails? Used to think, she's probably gonna end up in jail? Know what she ended up doin'? US marshal."

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