29 April 2014

Style Don't: Jacket Required

I've used AdBlock Plus in my web browser for some time, but there are certain sites for which I allow exceptions. Generally these are sites that I visit regularly and that I also know are operated by an individual who is relying on the revenue generated from ad views and clicks for part of their income, such as Universal Hub, Curbside Classic, and Dappered. (I don't have ads appearing here because there isn't enough traffic to generate any meaningful real-world revenue.)

Naturally, the ads on these sites tend to be related to their content. But yesterday while I was visiting Dappered, I noticed an ad in the right sidebar for a menswear product so appallingly heinous I had to click on it, and now I'm going to make you look at it too:
These abominations are known as "jacketless tuxedos," and the person responsible for this idea should be fired, then forced to wear only these items of clothing every day for the rest of his/her life.

Let's be clear: this is not a tuxedo. This is an excuse for a tuxedo, the "I couldn't be bothered" alternative. This is what nearly two decades of "business casual" and the tech industry's lazy, hoodie-and-flip-flop non-aesthetic has wrought and foisted upon the clueless and feckless men of this country. And here comes Jos. A. Bank to take advantage of that while making it worse...

There are a couple of circumstances in which I could see this not being a style foul: if you are seven years old and are making your First Communion, I think this would constitute an acceptable outfit (in an age-appropriate smaller size, of course). And maybe, MAYBE (but I admit I'm not 100% in favor of it) I could see this as a prom outfit in certain situations, like if most/all the guys in the class were planning to dress more casually for the event.

But really, that's just it: this is a very juvenile outfit, the sort of thing you see on young boys. Once you reach about age sixteen, there are certain events for which you need to be properly dressed, full stop. And that means a suit with a jacket, or in some cases a tuxedo with a jacket. Because technically this is not a tuxedo; it's a pair of pants and a matching vest, which we will henceforth refer to as a "fauxedo," or perhaps a "broxedo."

Now, I have nothing against vests. I like vests, in appropriate settings, which only include formal events like proms and wedding parties when worn under a jacket, not in lieu of a jacket. Guys: if you're getting married or going to prom, man up and wear what you are supposed to. Your mate/date will certainly appreciate the effort.

PS: Shit, I never even got around to the part about how long ties are not appropriate with tuxedos. You know what? Never mind, I can't. This has been enough for today already...

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A Proper Bostonian said...

Now, now. What about hot climates? Although the shirt should be short-sleeved. This look could be called the Tahiti Tux. And there could also be the Bermuda Tux, with shorts and short sleeves. But, yeah, there has to be a bow tie.