27 April 2014

This Week in Awesome (4/26/14)

I know the posts were a bit sparse around here this past week, but even though I'm still not working full-time, I still have other stuff going on that sometimes intrudes on my free time. This coming week should be better (no promises, though).

You want a time-lapse? How about a time-lapse of the aurora borealis? (Vimeo via Boy Genius Report)

Here's a nice piece on the under-appreciated work of John Waters. (Refinery29 via Dappered)

Trying to rank things invites criticism and controversy, but lists are still fun: this one is about TV shows based on movies. (Rolling Stone via TV Tattle)

And finally this week, a website that will show you a randomly selected YouTube clip that no one has ever watched (meaning, you'll be the first). (Gizmodo via Yahoo Tech)

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