19 April 2014

This Week in Awesome (4/19/14)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so I want to take care of this before I forget...

The source of this (a real-estate blog) is unexpected, but it's interesting just the same. (Movoto via The A.V. Club)

You may have seen this building and wondered how stable it really is; in hindsight, "more so than it used to be" is not exactly comforting. (Note that the text glosses over exactly how it was reinforced, but I think the audio may cover it.) (99% Invisible via The Verge)

Not exactly awesome but still worth reading: seemingly the most prolonged death spiral of a major retailer that I can recall. Could it have been avoided? Possibly, if this guy wasn't in charge. (Salon)

And finally this week, This is another of those "if you're of at least a certain age..." stories about a strangely wonderful pop-culture artifact from the late-1970s/early-'80s period, but the good part is that it's filled with YouTube clips for the benefit of those who are too young to remember, and as the article points out, the shows are readily available if you have cable. (Vulture)

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