24 June 2014

Random Gripes

I have a cold. That's a lousy thing to suffer in the last week of June.

I've worn a hole in the plastic mat under my desk chair. Apparently they come in different grades and thicknesses of plastic. With wall to wall carpeting a mat is a necessity, and this one is now breaking off in pieces from the hole and generally making life trickier with its sharp edges.

Speaking of wall to wall carpeting, our landlord is planning on removing the carpet from the upstairs apartment, which will have a sonic impact on us.

With all the fuss about the upcoming iPhone 6, I'm wishing I hadn't bothered getting a 5s and had waited instead, but that's 100% on me.

Some idiot in our neighborhood has already been lighting some REALLY LOUD fireworks at night for the better part of a week. Seriously, just grow up.

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