08 June 2014

This Week in Awesome (6/714)

Hey, it's still technically the weekend...

Are you interested in the World Cup but don't follow soccer? You might want to look at this chart to help you decide which team to root for, plus a little deeper digging into those answers. (New York Times)

Tumblrs to know about: one for engagement photos (is that a thing? we never had one of those); one for stock photography. (Note: some of the images on those could be nightmare-inducing, depending on your sensibilities.) (Comedy Central's @Midnight)

Interested in binge-watching a TV show but don't want to commit to the full series? I don't agree with this approach, and it's highly subjective, but this site is offering advice about which episodes you can skip. (TV Tattle)

John Oliver's piece about net neutrality has been around all week, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's absolutely worth your time.

And finally this week, Netflix has an animated show coming out later this summer, and the early marketing campaign is intentionally awful in the best ways. (Adweek)

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A Proper Bostonian said...

Engagement photos are a thing. I photobombed such a couple yesterday on the Comm Ave mall. I couldn't resist; they were standing right in the middle of the path staring adoringly at each other as commanded by the photographer. The mall and the Esplanade are crawling with these trios (with their costume changes and sometimes a stylist or makeup person) from now until the fall.