15 June 2014

This Week in Awesome (6/14/14)

Happy Father's Day to any dads that may be reading...

Yeah, this: the Seattle Symphony invited Sir Mix-a-Lot (a Seattle native) to perform with them, and he in turn invited members of the audience (well, the females) to join him. Someone deserves a raise for this idea. (Vulture)

I'm very much in agreement with the sentiments expressed here. Even notwithstanding how I feel about social media, I maintain a high "filter" to avoid absorbing information about the more obnoxious parts of our society. (Yahoo Tech)

Those of you who have been watching Orange Is the New Black may not know (I didn't) that Annie Golden, the woman who plays Norma (the silent one) has an interesting past as a rock and pop singer. (The Wire via TV Tattle)

In recognition of the World Cup, this article enlightened me about the origin of the word "soccer." (The Atlantic)

And finally this week, writers for the Canadian auto site Driving remember their fathers' cars.

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