22 June 2014

This Week in Awesome (6/21/14)

Yep, another late Sunday night pretending to be any time on Saturday...

If you're feeling stressed about online privacy, you may want to have a look at this article about making your online activity anonymous. Digest version: it takes a lot of effort. (Wired)

The inmates on Orange Is the New Black have a lot of free time, so they read a lot. Some of the books are easy to recognize, others less so. (Vulture)

If you're in the mood to fall into an interweb rabbit hole, a legendary New York public access talent show called Stairway to Stardom has posted its archives on YouTube.

And finally this week, we're all familiar with misheard song lyrics, but these are songs whose meanings are more widely misunderstood (with videos included for some added nostalgia). (Mental Floss)

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