04 May 2015

Car Stuff: Almost All of It

I've had a lot of near misses lately with old cars out on the roads. If the timing isn't right I can't get my phone out and turn on the camera in time to get any photos. Sometimes I just hold it up and push the button, not knowing exactly what it's going to capture.
Just a week and a half ago I was arriving at the corner where I wait for the bus. On my left I noticed a car that was about to pull away from the traffic light. My mind registered that it was large, sort of metallic beige, and probably old enough to be worth getting a shot of, so I pulled out my phone and this is what I ended up with.

I've seen my share of large GM cars from the 1980s and featured many of them here, but for some reason their 1990s counterparts seem to be more rare on the roads, except for Cadillacs. So this Chevrolet Caprice was a good find. This version was sold from model years 1991 to 1996, but I know this is at least a '93 because of the open rear wheels; for the first two years the rear wheel opening was lower and straight across, giving the car an unattractive bloated look.

You can see the passengers well enough to discern that they are old, which is not surprising. Older people are often the ones who hold onto these cars and keep them running.

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