09 May 2015

This Week in Awesome (5/9/15)

Got a little sidetracked today, but it's technically still Saturday in this time zone...

From last week, photos of the former Hilltop Steak House in Saugus being demolished. Bit of nostalgia there for a lot of us. FYI, the cactus sign will remain at the site regardless of what eventually gets built there. (WCVB via Brian Cummings)

One of the more interesting aspects of old cars, and one that doesn't get much attention, is the design process with drawings and clay models. This forthcoming documentary on PBS (no air date yet) looks back at designs from decades past. (Curbside Classic)

I generally skip the compilation videos of news bloopers, but these are vintage clips from the '80s and '90s, and somehow that made me enjoy them more. (The Daily Dot via The A.V. Club)

If you're in the mood to fall down a silly Mad Men-related rabbit hole, this one is pretty amusing.

And finally this week, this is the kind of thing the internet is good for. Dryer sheets—really? (@Midnight)

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