22 June 2012

Public Works

You can tell it's near the end of June over here where we live. For the past two weeks there has been a frenzy of public-works activity: crews have been installing signs (I was clued in by jack-hammering across the street early one morning), digging up sections of uneven concrete and replacing them (more early-morning noise), repainting lines and crosswalks, trimming trees, and other general civic beautification and maintenance. Just a little while ago a work crew was filling a pothole in the street in front of of our driveway.

Municipalities are like businesses: they have to make sure that the budget money is spent by the end of the fiscal year, or they don't get as much the following year. And don't misunderstand; I am not complaining. I am happy to see our city making sure things are tended to. It's part of what makes this a nice place to live.

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