24 June 2012

This Week in Awesome (6/23/12)

Wow, where did Saturday go? For that matter, where did Sunday go?

The New York Times's City Room blog featured a pair of sites dedicated to preserving images of neon signage.

Fifty or so years ago, there were all sorts of predictions about what sort of lives we could expect to be living in the not-too-distant future. One such vision, courtesy of Disney, concerns transportation. (Hemmings blog via Michael Lamm)

Also car-related, the European brand Skoda (owned by Volkswagen) used the launch of a new model as an excuse to erect a mini-Stonehenge out of cars in London. (Autoblog)

CBS tried unsuccessfully to prevent ABC from launching a reality show they claim is a ripoff of Big Brother. I couldn't care less about any of that because I hate these shows, but in the aftermath CBS decided to issue a fake press release for a show clearly not influenced by anything ABC had done. (HitFix)

Grown-up movies artfully adapted for younger folks. (BuzzFeed via The Daily What)

And finally this week, a kindergarten class shows off its singing and dancing skills. (For more info on how and why this came about, go here.) (Videogum)

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