02 June 2012

Retro Video Unit (6/1/12)

I've been trying to get back on schedule, but obviously I haven't been entirely successful. Let's be honest: sitting at a desk for seven or eight hours a day provides an ample framework for finding fun stuff on the web, and for blogging. Not working provides no framework for anything.

Anyway, let's go back once again to New Wave-era England, a rich period that I (obviously) never tire of exploring. I've just learned from Wikipedia that Buzzcocks has no "the" before it, which feels a bit awkward. The band was quite successful at home, but did not achieve wide recognition in the USA. I remember seeing their albums when I started exploring record stores in downtown Providence in the late 1970s, but I never bought any of them, which was clearly a mistake.

Here's a live performance of the 1978 single "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldnt've)":

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Can I Have a Word? said...

love this song. thanks.