30 June 2012

This Week in Awesome (6/30/12)

Hello, blogland. I hope your air conditioning is working this weekend.

Louie returned this week for its third season. It's a very New York show, so here's a map of locations that have been featured so far. (Splitsider)

Also New York-related, a collection of photos of the city in the 1980s. (Flickr via The Trad)

It's hurricane season, and here's an interesting look at hurricane trends based on their names. (The Awl)

Gary Oldman offered some advice to athletes interested in acting. (Jimmy Kimmel Live via Kempt)

If you have 12 minutes, watch this history of rock & roll in 100 guitar riffs. (Devour via BuzzFeed)

And finally this week, Jon Stewart had a few words for Fox and CNN in the wake of their dubious coverage of the Supreme Court's health care decision. (The Daily Show)

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