19 June 2012

Sales and Stuff

If you need some dress shirts, this is a good time to swing by a Brooks Brothers (or hit their website). If you buy two shirts the discount is 25%; buy four or more and it's 40%. One nice thing about BB is that they offer their shirts in four fits, which covers just about every body type. However, it's also worth noting that most of the shirts they now offer are of the non-iron variety. I bought one of these a while ago, and I find the treatment used to resist wrinkles to be a lot more tolerable than what I've come across in most other shirts of this type, but of course YMMV.

Also, if you like wearing your watch on a one-piece nylon strap (which can be more comfortable in summer), and you like having a variety of different colors to switch between, you may have noticed that these straps aren't cheap. They typically sell for $17 to $20, which seems like a lot considering a moderately decent leather strap costs about the same. I've found two sites that sell these straps for much more reasonable prices.

The Knottery started out selling small runs of USA-made ties and pocket squares, and has since expanded into other useful accessories. Their nylon straps are available in either 18 or 20 millimeter widths for $10 each, plus they have similarly styled, USA-made, one-piece leather straps in 18 mm for $25 each. Crown & Buckle carries a much wider selection of straps; their nylon straps range from $12-14, but if you buy three of a given style they will discount your order. They also offer one-piece leather straps for $18.

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