17 June 2012

This Week in Awesome (6/16/12)

There has been some neglect of TWiA in recent weeks, to my dismay. The truth is, rooting out the awesome on the internet takes time and effort, and my attention has been somewhat divided lately. Also, sometimes it's just harder to find than other times. But let's not dwell on that, let's just enjoy what's here now...

I haven't gotten to see The Muppets yet, but for those of you who have, and those of you who just like these things anyway, here's a nice, plump blooper reel. (/film via Kempt)

We've mentioned the Boston Public Library's photo archives on Flickr before, but did you know they have a whole section devoted to traffic accidents? (Universal Hub)

New York public radio station WNYC put together a map of Mad Men locations in the city that spans all five seasons. (Basket of Kisses)

The season two finale of The Killing airs tonight on AMC, and those of us who slogged through it are finally going to learn who killed Rosie Larsen. For those of you who chose not to bother, Vulture compiled a tongue-in-cheek guide to the events of this season, in case you want to tune in tonight.

And finally this week, a list of 15 worthy rock movies. I've seen all but one of them. (HitFix)

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Anonymous said...

I have surely and sorely missed TWiA (and, thanks for the proper capitalization--I'm offended everytime someone capitalizes "In" and "And"--I usually say, "Learn Englizh you moron or go back to Mexico, Pedro."). But without TWiA, I have found my life lesser informed and more meager. Thank you.