10 December 2013

Inappropriately Dressed

Yesterday as I was waiting for a bus outside the Davis T station during the afternoon's rain, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a tall guy heading into the station wearing a long black trench coat. My brain suggested to me that something was off about the image my eye had just processed, so I turned and took a second look. I then saw that the guy was wearing black shoes and socks. I was able to see that he was wearing black socks because he wasn't wearing any pants.

I do occasionally see burly he-man types wearing shorts on cold days; they generally appear to be heading to or from a gym. This may have been the same type of situation, but the long coat made him look suspicious and creepy. Alternately, that annual no-pants subway ride is coming up next month; maybe he was getting in a practice run, figuring out his route?

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