15 December 2013

This Week in Awesome (12/14/13)

We didn't get that much snow, and it turned to rain this morning as the temperature climbed into the 30s. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was going to drop again so quickly, and by the time I got outside around noon, everything had a nice crust of ice on top of it. It took me about 3-1/2 hours and I didn't even finish the back of the house because my arms were worn out (possibly from having to use the metal shovel, which is much heavier).

Anyway, on to this week's bits of joy...

I don't know whose idea this was, but it's kind of fascinating and horrifying at the same time. (BangShift via The Truth About Cars)

Here's a Christmas wrapping lesson for one of those oddly shaped objects that can be tricky to wrap. (Hint: it's not a golf club.) (Death and Taxes via Videogum)

Billy Eichner enlisted Amy Poehler to engage unsuspecting pedestrians in some impromptu caroling. (YouTube via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

And finally this week, if that didn't put you in the Christmas spirit, well... we've been regular viewers of The Daily Show for a long time, and this segment (which is in two parts) is a perfect example of why we keep watching.

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