29 December 2013

This Week in Awesome (12/28/13)

The interwebs were a little light on newness during this inter-holiday week, but then again so am I...

Have I mentioned that I'm a fan of design? It's always been an area of interest, making a blog like this an especially welcome discovery. (BuzzFeed)

I also enjoy learning about the complexities and variations of our language. The New York Times offered this recent quiz about dialect and word usage, and Mental Floss (via Dappered) compiled a brief list of unusual localized words.

And finally this week, go make some music. It's fun, try it. (Shake Shack's tumblr)

(By the way, a little spoon told me that the Harvard Square Shake Shack has soft-opened, meaning they are serving only frozen custard treats for the time being. 92 Winthrop Street, at the rear of the Galleria building.)

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