17 December 2013

Shoppin'-Ass Ninja

When Andy Samberg left Saturday Night Live to star in a sitcom (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has turned out to be pretty good), it seemed that the Digital Shorts (pre-taped segments usually constructed around a song by Samberg and his cohorts in The Lonely Island) would go with him. The title is gone, but the show continues to produce segments that are very similar in spirit and arguably just as good.

Earlier this fall when Kerry Washington hosted, the joke song "The Fox" by Ylvis got morphed into "What Does My Girl Say?" (check it out over here on Hulu). This past weekend John Goodman hosted, and I think the show hit a new high with this clip, called "H&M," featuring Goodman and Jay Pharoah, with some help from Taran Killam and several other cast members (there are an awful lot of them these days).

I think this one benefits from watching it more than once; I've watched it three or four times and I'm still laughing at it.

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