21 January 2014

Car Stuff: Miscellany

I guess I took yesterday off from the blog; I went to the auto show with a friend. I thought I'd take a bunch of pictures and make a post out of it, but even though I enjoyed the show, I ended up not feeling all that inspired. Plus there was a sizable crowd, making it difficult to get decent shots without a bunch of people in the way. But I can share a couple of pictures:
This is a Subaru Forester cut open to display its safety features, or something like that. (You can see that I still ended up with a stray arm in the shot.)
And this, well, it's pretty self-explanatory: a Mustang pool table, with working lights, probably intended to "commemorate" the 50th anniversary this spring of the original Mustang's release. I'm not sure who the audience is for it, but that's someone else's problem. (Also, note that is not the upcoming redesigned Mustang in the background, but the outgoing model; the show was rather short on just-announced redesigns.)


Anonymous said...

I knew if I waited long enough you'd post some Mustang pics! Although it would have been better if it was a real 64 1/2 Candy Apple Red Convertible Mustang...but I'll take what I can get. :)

Not sure if you're posting this or not so, I'll sign this as "The Mr's youngest cousin"

Some Assembly Required said...

I don't have anything against Mustangs per se, they are among the most "common" classic cars but I would probably take pictures if I saw one on the street.