04 January 2014

Dog Dosage

Our dog turned 12 in August. She's been on a joint supplement for the better part of two years to help with movement. She does not have arthritis as far as we know, but she has been having a little trouble getting up the stairs when we come back from walks.

The other day we were getting ready to reorder the supplement and were comparing its ingredients to a different one that some dog owners on an email list had recommended. As I was looking over the small print on the outside of the container I noticed this: "give one tablet daily per 25 pounds of body weight."

The dog weighs around 55 pounds, but we've been giving her only one tablet per day since she started taking this particular kind back in August. Oops. The dosage on the other kind she was getting before was one per day, and it never occurred to either of us that it would be any different for these. So the replenishment order is on the way, but of course this dosage means that she will go through them in half the time. The joys of being a pet owner...

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